My name is Shyla Brown. I am a Photographer, Office Manager at my parents business Luebke Overhead Doors inc and Mother of 3 boys. Colton, Nathan and Asher. We are expecting B/G twins any day now as well!  I have a wonderful husband that I have been with since we were 20 and I have 28 nieces and nephews that I absolutely adore!! I have 2 wonderful parents that are always there for me and rooting for me to succeed and helping out in any way they can. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, Sharon, Sammy, Johnny and Tommy (Angel brother) who let me steal their kids to model for me whenever I want! And I can't forget my amazing in laws. Chantal, Benjamin, Melissa, Craig, Kenny, Chadd and Olivia. 

 I have an overall zest for life and love for people and the world that surrounds me! Every single day is a new adventure (especially with young boys that keep you on your feet all day!) and opportunity to create something truly incredible and make some amazing memories!


WHat's my specialty?

I live in Brookfield Wisconsin with my husband and boys but I do travel all throughout Wisconsin!

Children! I have so many nieces and nephews and I just love being around them! I love dealing with Children and working to make them trust me and feel comfortable to show me their real selves! Another specialty is my themed Princess Sessions!

I have always loved photography, but the one thing that really pushed me into it was my brother Tommy. Tommy had just turned 22 when he passed away due to a drunk driver on Thanksgiving night in 2009 t-boning his truck. He passed away with our best friend Jeremy who had just turned 19 the month prior. I became obsessed with all photographs of both of them and around that time their really was not much digital photography. We had all printed photos and my first camera was film and we didn't have the greatest cameras on our phones. It made me sad that I did not have as many photographs of him as I would have loved. It became my mission to capture everything, I wanted to make sure all the special moments in our lives were fully documented. I slowly started working with non family members and here I am, documenting hundreds of families. You truly never know when that last moment will be with your special loved ones and I want to make sure that you have moments captured that can last forever. 

* My 4 boys <3 Colton. Nathan. Asher and the hubs of course and soon to be the twins
*Family, I'm a huge family person
*Disney! Especially Ariel 
*Christmas! and snow! I want ALL the snow! lol 
*Etsy- It's an addiction I swear!
*Flowers. I often have them in my hair 
*Photography! I am always snapping away
*Spending time with my many nieces and nephews
*My group of ladies!

Some of my favorite things:

why did i become a photographer?

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